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 We’re Going to Make This Easy For You.

ABCMaybe you’ve never thought of using a billboard to advertise your business, event or organization.  Most advertisers know very little about how to begin with billboards so they shy away from it.  Visions Outdoor is here to make the idea of a portable billboard EASY for you.

Begin By Determining Your Marketing Plan.

ideasWhat do you have to promote and when do you want to promote it.  Maybe you are running a newspaper ad that even fewer people are seeing.  Maybe you will run some web advertising which can often be hit or miss when it comes to regional or event-based marketing.  Television can be down right expensive and Radio is losing share to Internet Radio and Satelite.  While it should seem like there are more options, the reality is there are actually less options to choose from for local advertising solutions.

Portable Billboards is an Exciting New Solution

NewPortable billboards are a relatively new entry into the marketing mix for so many businesses.  The concept of creating your own billboard and then placing it somewhere that will reach the customers that will visit your business is just what so many local companies are looking for.

Choose A Location

locationchooseGet started with this unique concept by scouting out a location.  On your next drive to work take notice of open lots, unused  parking lots, and other spaces that can fit our 9′ x 28′ footprint.  Contact the land owner and tell them your idea.  They may charge  you a few bucks for placement or you may be able to work out a deal with them to advertise on both sides of our display so you both benefit.  If it’s property you own then your display cost is free.  Setting up your billboard in your own parking lot is a great way to bring added attention to your business and with the adjacent billboard location people may be able to drive right in and buy.  If you have a special sale coming up then a portable billboard can attract even more customers than you have had in the past.  Finding the space is the first step.  The rest is easy.

Reserve Your Billboard

plancalPull out your marketing calendar and pencil in the dates of your event and then determine how long you need your billboard.  The amazing flexibility of this system is you can rent a portable billboard for as long or as short as you need to (minimum 1 week).  If you have various locations you can place a billboard at one store for one week and we can move it to another location for the following week.  Your best advice is to reserve your billboard as far in advance as you can, although if a unit is available we can respond with rush service in as few as 10 days.

What Is Your Message and What is Your Design

designThis is where the fun comes in.  Creating this HUGE billboard with your brand on it is an exciting event.  Big bold sizes and bright vibrant colors will scream out to passers by.  If you have a designer on hand we can work with them to execute your vision or if you need design help we can assist you.  When it comes to the message and design, here is our advice:  KISS (keep it simple %*&^*).  Less is more.  Thousands of people will pass by your new billboard however research shows they only glance at it for 5-10 seconds so you want your message to be clear and on target.  View our special billboard sampler page to see real images of billboards so  you can see what works and what doesn’t.

We’ll Take It From Here

creating-billboardOnce the design is complete we create the huge image and apply it to the portable billboard framework.  It’s an exclusive system that we are partnered with and it works just great in making your brand look the biggest and boldest it has ever looked.  We’ll bring your portable billboard to your secured location and set it up to face as you advise us to.  As part of the Visions Outdoor system we then apply a decorative skirt around the base of the trailer frame to present a more permanent image (even it it’s only there for a week).  The complete finished display is impressive and makes even the most upscale businesses look better.

Move It Here….Move It There

locationIf you are reserving your billboard for a month or more you may want to consider our relocation services.  With this program we pick up your billboard relocate it to another place on your parking lot or even another store location.  The benefit of this as it may reach drivers and walkers with different transportation patterns.  As you can imagine, people get accustomed to signs, and other things around them and often never give them a second though, so it’s when you move your billboard to a new place that it gets the most notice.  Those first weeks are powerful.

After Your Event

Once your reservation period has expired we will come to remove your portable billboard.  Sure you will be sorry to see it leave but we can always bring it back sometime later in the year.  We’ll save your graphics for future use and be ready at a moments notice to help you with your next marketing campaign.


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