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Visions Outdoor is a small company with a “BIG” vision. To provide “YOU” our customer with an affordable choice in billboard advertising!

0915131603bMost businesses never consider billboard advertising, which is why 27 year business veteran and entrepreneur, Ed Andrascik had to create something special, so that just about any business could not only afford to do it, but couldn’t resist this new concept in outdoor marketing.

Ed created something new and innovative. A product that would open up a new market in a 100 year old industry. That product is the Visions Outdoor Portable Billboard System. The company’s objective in the design and production of their units was two fold.

  • Create a billboard unit that was unique, attractive and built to look like a permanent structure and still be portable.
  • Duplicate the same powerful, high impact and visibility advertising that only a large billboard can create.

With the Visions Outdoor Portable Billboard System, “patented” design we have created an advertising system that once was only available to large corporations who dominated the billboard industry. Not any more. Now, Visions Outdoor has not only made billboard advertising available to the “smaller” companies, we have made it affordable. “YOU”, our customer can now focus your advertising efforts on a more “local” target market and customer.

Give Ed a call to arrange a free consultation to discuss your particular needs and to see if a Visions Outdoor Billboard System is right for you. Please Call:1-855-SEE-MY-AD.

No obligation, no high pressure sales, we promise! We build our relationships like our billboard units, “ONE AT A TIME”.

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